What is a black hat webmaster?

A black hat webmaster is someone who isn't afraid to break some rules to get what he wants.


What rules and what are the consequences?

The rules could be rules made by the search engines, other webmasters, even the law.  The consequences can vary from being banned from search engines, banned from sites and of course the worse case scenario is imprisonment.

Why would I want to be a black hat webmaster with all of those penalties?

Imprisonment is for people who break laws.  Most black hat webmasters don't break laws, they break rules and deviate from the norm.  Black hat webmasters are innovators and use new techniques before the general masses and search engines even know about them.  Being ahead of the game is very rewarding.  You can make tons of money using black hat techniques.

What are some black hat techniques?

Content generators, site generators, cloaking, blogging, pinging, quick search engine indexing, using several hosts and IPs, typos, general search engine optimization, doorway pages, automatic posting/commenting, affiliate programs, CPA/CPM advertising, pop ups, social networking, using and creating massive keyword lists, link spamming, keyword stuffing, referrer spamming, trackback spamming, email marketing, spamming, and generally anything that makes money and can be done quickly or is automated.

As you can see white hat, grey hat and black hat kind of all run hand and hand.  A black hat webmaster has an advantage because they are quick to adapt and are on the cutting edge of technology and SEO techniques.


How can I become a black hat webmaster?

Black hat techniques aren't all easy to learn and most people don't use every single technique because of the steep learning curve and of course the fact that it's impossible to know every single technique.  Every day new techniques are being created, some complex and some very simple.

There also seems to be a code of silence among black hat webmasters.  Most will not give you their techniques because if you use the same exact techniques as them you might ruin their strategy and it might get them banned by search engines faster than usual.  Getting information can be hard and everyone is trying to sell their old outdated techniques.  You see the gurus out there all trying to make a killing getting the next sucker to buy their product.  The problem is most of the stuff out there is outdated and extremely overpriced.

Don't lose hope though.  There is some very good stuff out there that won't cost you an arm and a leg.  Here are a few different programs and scripts that can be helpful to you:

Black Hat Toolkit. A compilation of powerful scripts and programs that can be used for black hat webmaster projects. Probably the best bang for your buck, this thing is loaded with great tools and is an all in one webmaster resource. Also a great members area with bonuses, implementation information and tutorials.

WordPress Rewriter. Very easy to use/install WordPress plug-in. Just copy and paste any content you can find in here and your blog will show it as unique content. Also very cheap to buy.

Comment Hut. Not exactly black hat, but super powerful and can be used for many black hat projects. This thing will get you links for your keywords, tell you the PR, and make sure the links don't have the "no follow" tag, so you can post and get links from high PR sites.

Link Directory Submitter. Submit your site to over 2500 directories. Get your PR up with tons of links.

Content Creator Pro. Create tons of content and websites with this easy to use script quickly.

Article Content Spinner. Spin any content and turn it unique quickly and easily with this program.

There's tons of other programs and techniques, but these programs should give you an idea of some of the products out there.